When was the last time you connected with your Soul Sisters?

This weekend I was lucky enough to have some free time in which I chose to re-connect with my soul sisters – those friends that although time may pass whenever we get together it’s like we’ve never been a part (they are the best ones!).  Most of us have children and all of us lead busy, productive lives. Sometimes a whole month will pass by and I’ll realise I haven’t seen or spoken to my friends (why is it that as we get older time seems to go quicker?).  So when my saint of a mother said she would babysit so  I could have a night out I was ecstatic to say the least!  At first I thought to go out dancing with my girls (a.k.a pre-baby days), which I knew would be heaps of fun but that would likely lead to being extremely tired (and most likely slightly hungover) the next day.  No, this opportunity called for some thought into what I would really LOVE to do.  Now for anyone who knows me knows I…

a) love to have fun

b) love all things healthy that make me feel AWESOME

and c) love to try new things

So with this in mind I planned an amazing weekend full of activities, healthy eating, space for soul sharing with my sisters and a sneaky cocktail or three.  First we hit BOUNCEInc – an out of this world trampoline park (if you haven’t heard of them click on the link to check out their website and locations).  We went to the Tingalpa park – a massive warehouse decked out with all sorts of heavy duty trampolines:

  • Long ones that you can bounce down, do a “whatever” mid-air (I managed a somersault!) then land on a massive air bag!
  • Mini ones that you jump on and slam dunk (or try to) a foam ball
  • A dodge-ball arena where teams of 8 try to get each other out
  • A free jumping area with trampolines that go up on an angle to the wall
  • A tricks area for wall running and jumping with a wake-board kit etc…

It was hilarious to see people of all ages bouncing around, trying tricks and just all round having a blast!

Afterwards me and the girls headed to the Juice Jar Cafe.  This little gem of a place serves up fresh cold pressed juices, wholesome smoothies, delicious raw treats and healthy breakfast/lunch options.  The staff were super friendly and the cafe is modern with a lovely out door area to sit at.  Just what we needed after busting our butts for an hour on the trampolines.

The afternoon kicked on back at my place with nibbles and cocktails (freshly juiced pineapple Pina Colada’s anyone?) whilst we sat outside enjoying each others company and the beautiful Queensland afternoon sun (insert vitamin D quota for the day!).  Later that night was chick flicks (Endless Love & Life or something like it) both of which we hardly saw as we were too busy opening up and having D&M’s.  I really feel like as women these precious times spent together where we can open up and share our deepest secrets, feelings, frustrations and opinions are invaluable not only in strengthening and building our bonds with each other but also for our own psychological well being.

The next day saw us partaking in a beautiful, grounding yoga practice on the lawn of a luscious garden centre.  The class was part of a fundraiser for Beyond Blue which made it even more enjoyable knowing we were giving back.  After we got our ‘Om’ on came a delicious and healthy breakfast of good quality, locally sourced produce at Wild Canary Bistro, a beautiful restaurant in the grounds of the garden centre that serves up the most devine meals.  Eating and connecting with each other after our yoga session was such a fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning.  When I said my final goodbyes to my friends I left feeling relaxed, invigorated and bursting with gratitude for the amazing women in my life.

I hope this post inspires you to reach out to those cherished friends you may not have seen in a while, research fun things to do in your local community together and try something you’ve never done before – push your own limits and see just how amazing you really are!

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