Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog!  A little about me to get this party started…

My name is Kelly and I love all things to do with natural, holistic, ethical, nourishing, mindful (you get the idea) health!

Growing up I would devour books on natural beauty, fitness, natural remedies and recipes.  I have practiced kundalini yoga for as long as I can remember, am a current naturopathy student, qualified masseuse and have also completed my first degree in Reiki.  I have always been drawn to natural healing and feel like that is my purpose!

My darling husband (Gary) and I have an 8 month old baby who I am learning so much from – our little rainbow child!  I try only to feed her the most nutritious, organic produce I can find (watch this space for a blog about that!) as I believe that nutrition is the cornerstone of our health! (Tweet this)

With that in mind I will be blogging about all things holistic health related, such as:

  • herbs for health
  • food as  medicine
  • natural beauty treatments
  • benefits of fermentation (yes it goes further than beer!)
  • delicious, health-giving recipes
  • organic produce
  • etc…etc…


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So what is “holistic health” exactly?  For me it’s looking at our health and taking EVERYTHING into consideration – the food and beverages we consume, what we put on our skin, how much we’re moving, the amount of sun and fresh air we’re enjoying,  and the quality of sleep we’re getting (thank god our baby has finally started to sleep through the night!)…but even further, it’s our relationships, our state of mind, how we work, our level of happiness and if we feel like we’re succeeding in life.  It’s the factors that physically affect us as well as the energies that we are surrounded with…

So much can affect our health, for better or worse, but ultimately the responsibility lies with us to either promote our wellbeing or to deplete it.  I mean we’re all human, we all like what we like…personally I’m a self-confessed, recovering choc-addict!  There was once a time where I wouldn’t go one single day without having at least one chocolate bar.  And I’m not talking about decent quality, organic 70% dark cacao chocolate (which actually has some health benefits).  I’m referring to a very well known brand (that shall not be named) that is full of refined sugar, milk solids, preservatives and colours.  Thank god I took up studying about health and found out what that stuff really does to the body (it ain’t pretty!).  Now I take the approach that:

Every meal is an opportunity to nourish your body (Tweet this)

BAM!  What a perception shift that little mantra has been – no longer is it about: what we shouldn’t be eating, depriving ourselves, cutting back on (all negative words about foods that we know are not healthful).  Instead it is about what we can give to our bodies to help it flourish.  FEED not starve; GIVE not take; HEALTH not dis-ease.  This applies not only to our food, but to every aspect I spoke of earlier that encompasses holistic health.

What’s your take on health?  Do you think about what you’re eating, where your food comes from, what is actually in the skin care you and your family uses?  Most of us follow what we were taught by our parents, who followed what their parents taught them and so on.  Unfortunately we live in an age where there is an ever increasing toxic burden on our bodies due to being exposed to a myriad of chemicals every day.  Chemicals that can have serious health implications down the track.

Thankfully there is a conscious shift happening, people are educating themselves on better ways – organic produce, natural skin care and cleaning products.  Organic stores and farmers markets are popping up everywhere, holistic health magazines and books are being published, GP’s are referring to natural health practitioners… it’s all very exciting!!  I invite you to come along for the solar-powered ride 🙂



Kelly xx




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